Dining Room Records Part II

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All across the world, artists are using today’s media tools to help write, record, and share their music.  And let’s face it..music doesn’t just come from a few record company and radio station execs who highlight groups who can make them a quick buck.  Music happens all around us.  There is a distinct beat that this worlds stays in-time with.

Personally, I am a fan of all that this digital age has provided us, in regards to home recording studios and uber-connectivity.  Sure, there are a LOT more musicians out there now to compete with.  But when did music become a competition? That’s certainly not why I got into it.

So bring on the home recordings!!!  Today’s submission comes to us from a good friend, Robert Finkel all the way from somewhere in Florida.  Finkel taught me a lot of my chops back at Rhodes College, in Memphis.  It’s a quick track, but a fun one….recorded on Garage Band, using the tiny, factory-installed voice microphone on his laptop.  Amazing Finkel!!  Wen there there is a will to create music, people tend to find a way.

So if anybody else out there has home recordings they would like to share, please send them to me.  I am going to try to take some and record on top and then repost the tracks.

Salt Creek – R. Finkel


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