Just Added New Shows!!

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Hey Everybody!!

Just a quick update that I’ve added a few more shows to the website!!

2011.12.30 @ Boardwalk billy’s (UNCC) Solo show was just posted.  It was a really fun night with Casie, Karen, el- Greggo and everybody!

2012.01.06 The Wine Vault Solo was also just posted as well.  IT was another fun night.  I accidentally used the microphone on my recorder instead of plugging it straight through by board, but it was a fun night and so I posted it anyway.

I am very happy to say that we posted more than 27 different shows in 2011 and we hope to create even more sounds and songs to add to pour collection.

Thanks for listening, and Enjoy!!

Now, ALL of the live shows can be found by clicking on the “MUSIC” Tab at the top of the Page.

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