Jared Allan & Company is a unique music ensemble that creates its own genre, combining influences of folk, bluegrass, rock, and R & B into one energetic flow. Imagine a folk singer/songwriter on acoustic guitar, harmonica, and vocals teaming up with a classically-trained percussionist of unmatched experience and the energy of a skilled conga/bongo/African drum player. Add an occasional piano, lead guitar, and/or bassist to the mix and you have got the eclectic blend that is Jared Allan & Co. With each song’s powerful back-beat, explosive tempo-changes, and soulful lyrics, you will be singing along and tapping your feet for days.

Jared Allan & Co. began as a solo project in Charlotte, North Carolina, and escaladed into a two-, three-, four-, and sometimes five-man band. Priding themselves on original music, they now have fans and supporters all over the city singing along to any number of their more than 30 original songs. In less than a year, the group has made its mark in the Charlotte area. They play 5-9 shows per week, ranging from small wine gatherings to notable outdoor events. You can catch the guys playing from Jersey to Georgia and the Mississippi to the Atlantic, but generally, in the greater North Carolina area.

In contrast to the bands with a rhythm, lead, and bass guitar, vocals, and drums, these three guys pull off a full sound with two drummers, a guitar, harmonica, and vocals. When the piano or bassist sit in, it is even more astounding. The focus is on the expression of their music.