2011.05.15 – Wine Vault – Audio

The Wine Vault – Charlotte, NC

Guitar/Vocals – Jared Allan
Upright Bass – Brett Tingley

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Brett Tingley to the “& Company.”

Brett has recently been stepping up and kicking ass with us.  Here are a few new tracks from a recent show at The Wine Vault, in Charlotte, NC.


1. Back to Memphis – a ‘work-in-progress’ lyrically, but very soothing to play.
2. It Wouldn’t Even Matter – an old song of mine, resurrected yet again..
3. Generic Breakup Song #1 – I found that this song did the trick and there was no need to write a Generic Breakup Song #2.  Feel free to use it it your own life.
4. Stand By Me – a classic Ben E. King song that just kind of came about.
5. The JaredAllan.com Shuffle – you’ll figure it out.

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