2011.05.20 – Boardwalk Billy’s FULL BAND – Audio

Boardwalk Billy’s – Charlotte, NC

Guitar/Vocals – Jared Allan
Guitar/Mandolin – Tony Eltora
Upright Bass– Brett Tingley
Drums – Jon Mouser

That’s right.  The “& Company” is getting bigger.

Last Saturday, 05.20.11, we tested out the new group at the Boardwalk Billy’s UNCC.  We had a lot of fun, met some new people and only blew out one speaker.

A BIG thank you to John Mouser (drums), Tony Eltora (guitar/mandolin), and Brett Tingley (upright bass) for joining me.

Stay tuned for more full band shows!!!

These bootleg recordings are a little rough in quality, but to listen to feratured tracks from the 05.20.11 show, click below….

Set List:

  1. Shout Out to Katie G – just what it sounds like
  2. Georgia – Jared Allan
  3. The Way It Is – Bruce Hornsby
  4. Train – Jared Allan
  5. Over the Rainbow – Jared Allan
  6. I Met a Girl- Jared Allan
  7. It Wouldn’t Even Matter – Jared Allan
  8. My Baby – Jared Allan

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