2011.10.08 – Hickory Oktoberfest Audio

Guitar/Vocals Jared Allan
Tony Eltora
Jon Mouser


Yes kids, we happened to have our bootleg recorder on during our set at Hickory, NC’s Oktoberfest.

Joining me was John Bon Mouser on drums and Tony Eltora on guitar and mandolin.

This is probably one of my favorite recordings….rough, but a great set-list.

  1. Radio Station Crap
  2. Lover’s Delight – Jared Allan
  3. Radio – Jared Allan
  4. Georgia – Jared Allan
  5. Going My Way? – Jared Allan
  6. Over the Rainbow – IZ
  7. Tuesday’s Dead – Cat Stevens
  8. Ten Miles – Jared Allan
  9. Train – Jared Allan
  10. Walking in Memphis – Marc Cohn
  11. On Down the Line – Jared Allan
  12. Tennessee J – Jared Allan
  13. Easy for Me – Jared Allan
  14. Firecracker – Ryan Adams
  15. I Met a Girl – Jared Allan
  16. Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes – Paul Simon



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