2011.12.30 Boardwalk Billy’s (UNCC) Solo – Audio

Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica – Jared Allan

I am posting this particular show because we had such a fun time letting loose up in the University area.

The night just had a certain energy to it.  Thank you to all who came out to join me, including Casie Kansol, for whom hearing These Streets once just isn’t enough, Karen Matzke, who disappeared on the other side of the bar, and El Greggo, the stumbling teapot. You all rock!!

Set I:

  1. Ten Miles – Jared Allan
  2. These Streets – Paolo Nutini
  3. Georgia – Jared Allan
  4. Hannah – R. LaMontagne
  5. One More Day – Jared Allan  **New Song
  6. Going My Way? – Jared Allan
  7. How Can I Tell You – Cat Sevens
  8. Tennessee Flattop Box – Roseanne Cash
  9. Radio – Jared Allan
  10. Shanty Song – J. Edwards
  11. My Side of the Fence – Jared Allan
  12. My Baby – Jared Allan
  13. Redemption Song – B.Marley
  14. Oh, Very Young – Cat Stevens
  15. Lover’s Delight – Jared Allan

Set II:

  1. Trouble – R. LaMontagne
  2. Johnny 99 – Springsteen
  3. Train – Jared Allan
  4. Too Old – Jared Allan
  5. Piano Man – B. Joel
  6. Fadel’s Song – Jared Allan
  7. Gin-N-Juice – Snoop Dogg
  8. Jack the Ripper – Nicolette Emanuelle
  9. These Streets….again – Paolo Nutini


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