2012.02.03 Main City Cellar Club (w/ Sol Driven Train) – Audio

Main City Cellar Club – Hickory, NC

Guitar/VocalsJared Allan
Tony Eltora
Brett Tingley
John Mouser


It was really great to get to see Sol Driven Train up close and live.  These guys are amazing!!!  I think the 24-minute drum solo spoke for itself.

I’m glad we could be a part of the show!!  Thank you to Tony Eltora, John Mouser, and Brett Tingley for joining the “& Company” and for making the night so much fun!

We did happen to catch a little bit of Audio from the night (below). Click “Show Playlist” on the MP3 Player below.  Then, you can download each track, or stream the whole show on your desktop computer or smartphone!!  Enjoy!!


A big thank you to Spencer Huffman for capturing the video!!!  www.carolinamusicreview.com www.pixelatedperceptions.com

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