2011.12.03 – ACC Championship Game w/ Clemson

Guitar/Vocals – Jared Allan

Upright Bass – Brett Tingley

Percussion – Seth Ruhlman

Thanks again to The Usual Tailgaters for sponsoring us at the 2011 ACC Championship in Charlotte.

Go Clemson!!

Thanks Smoak, Bartlett, J.P. and your closest 200 friends for having us out!!

In case you couldn’t hear us over The Jersey Shore people next-door, below is the recording from the show….you can stream it or download songs individually.

Set 1

  1. Georgia – Jared Allan
  2. Going My Way? – Jared Allan
  3. Shanty Song -J. Edwards
  4. Gin-N-Juice Rem – Snoop Dogg et al.
  5. Coconutz – Widespread Panic
  6. My Baby – Jared Allan

Set 2

  1. Tuesday’s Dead – Cat Stevens
  2. Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes – Paul Simon
  3. Women Are Smarter – Grateful Dead
  4. All Along the Watchtower – Dylan
  5. Lover’s Delight – Jared Allan
  6. Walking in Memphis – Marc Cohn
  7. Crazy Game of Poker – O.A.R.
  8. What I’ve Got – Sublime

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